Blood Transfusions at Home

Compassionate Care, Delivered to Your Doorstep

Bringing vital blood transfusion services directly to your home, Del Cielo Hospice enhances accessibility and comfort. Our dedicated team of board-certified hematologists and specialized nurses ensure each procedure is as safe and comforting as possible. Experience compassionate care without stepping outside your home.

Established in 1997.

Established in 1997 and proudly serving WellMed clients since 2009, Del Cielo Hospice brings a wealth of experience and dedication to home health care.
We also offer a unique TLC FOOT PROGRAM
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Comprehensive Care Team

Our team features numerous Certified Wound Care Specialists, full-time Infusion Nurses, and Ostomy Nurses. hourly in-house therapists, ensuring continuous, high-quality care.
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Exclusive Home Transfusion Services in Texas

We are the only Home Health & Hospice provider in Texas authorized to perform and receive reimbursement for blood transfusions at home.
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Embracing Comfort and Care at Home

Patient-Centered Approach

Del Cielo Hospice is proud to introduce Home-Based Blood Transfusions, a pioneering service designed to enhance the quality of life for our patients. Licensed since 1997 and serving with dedication, our goal is to provide high-quality end-of-life care directly to your home. Our skilled team, including certified wound care specialists and full-time infusion nurses, brings hospital-level care into the comfort of your own home. This service not only prioritizes your comfort and accessibility but also significantly reduces the stress and costs associated with hospital visits.

Enhanced Accessibility

Clients in Rural areas, underserved areas,or with no support will now have access to a life-saving treatment.
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Personalized and Comfortable Care

Receive treatment in the familiar and stress-reducing environment of their own home, which can be particularly beneficial for those with mobility issues or PTSD.
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Improved Quality of Life

by minimizing disruption to their daily lives and reducing the emotional and physical strain associated with frequent hospital visits.
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Reduced Healthcare Costs

Blood at Home reduces ER visits and Hospitalizations, Less ambulance costs.
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The Need for Home-Based Care

In the face of rising healthcare costs, Home Health has become a crucial solution to reduce emergency room visits and hospitalizations. The increasing difficulty of receiving timely in-hospital care due to understaffing has led to patients being discharged prematurely and in poorer health. Home Health capabilities have evolved to meet these challenges, ensuring patients can receive critical care, like blood transfusions, in the comfort of their homes, thus keeping sicker patients out of the hospital more effectively.